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Flowers, shrubs, trees; everything you need for your landscape!

Gossett Brothers Nursery is run by your neighbors, we live here and work here. We know what grows best in best in Westchester County and surrounding areas. We also have a good idea of what you are looking for in a hometown garden center: exceptional service, knowledgeable people and a great selection of healthy, high-quality plants at fair prices.

Our retail nursery offers a stunning, seasonal array of container trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and a beautifully stocked greenhouse filled with more exotic plants. We can help you plan a beautiful, custom container planting. We can promise you that we have plants for everyone, from the novice gardener to the expert.

Our retail nursery is filled with a healthy, locally-sourced selection of container trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals. We also have an on-site greenhouse with exotic plants and botanicals. We have plants for everyone, from the backyard DIY enthusiast to the award-winning gardener.

Whether you’re shopping for your home vegetable garden or have a large landscape project in mind, owner Tom Gossett and our friendly, caring staff can help you choose just the right selection of herbs, flowers, vegetables or whatever your needs are to create your dream garden.

Please browse through our website and follow us on Facebook (GossettBrothers) and Instagram (@GossettBrothers) to learn more about our events, current sales and new plants that we’ve added to our stock.

Our greenhouse, with a large selection of indoor plants, Gossett’s Farmers Market and our our store are open year round. Please note we move all plant sales indoors, beginning December 24 at 3:00 PM and re-open the outdoor plant section in March— just in time to start filling your beds with beautiful flowers and other good things as the New York spring planting season starts. Follow our Facebook page for our spring opening dates!

Garden Tools and More!

Tools, fertilizer, planting kits and more from Gosset Brothers Nursery
Planting your garden is a pleasure when you have the right tools and supplies to make the work easier. Gossett Brothers Nursery has spades, shovels, rakes and everything else you need to prepare your beds and keep them looking tidy year-round.

We also carry a wide selection of plant food and fertilizers, soil amendments, pest control products and a hand-picked selection of pots and planters to help you keep your garden growing and make your home a green oasis you can enjoy every month of the year.

planters, pots, art items from Gosset Brothers Nursery

Do You Need to Prepare Your Beds?

Gossett Brothers Nursery offers bulk soil and mulch delivery to keep your garden healthy and growing! Soil needs to be refreshed every now and then – what may have produced big, beautiful blooms and vegetables last season may need some TLC to produce that same bounty this year. Fresh soil eliminates the need for costly soil amendments and keeps plant roots from becoming compacted, limiting their growth.

mulch and ground cover from Gosset Brothers NurseryYou can also make your garden much easier to care for by adding mulch to your beds. Mulch improves soil conditions by locking in moisture and insulating the soil from temperature extremes. Best of all, mulch keeps all kinds of unwanted “voluntary plants” at bay so you can spend more time enjoying your garden and less on your knees, pulling up those irritating weeds. If that’s not enough reason to love this stuff, mulch gives your planting beds an attractive, uniform look.

Stop by and let our friendly, experienced staff introduce you to all our different soil and mulch options, so we can help you find what’s right for your property and purpose. We even offer delivery of our soil and mulch products, no matter what quantity is necessary for your garden needs.