Let Us Create Your Dream Landscape!


Gossett Brothers Nursery can help you create the perfect landscape!

Whether you would like to refresh your home garden or are planning green space for a commercial property, come by and speak to our landscape consultant, Will Molyneux.

Landscape Design in Harmony and Balance

Will Molyneux, landscape design and installation for Gossett Brothers Nursery, South Salem, NYLandscape design is the art of arranging plants and other elements in the right proportions, balance and harmony for your property or garden. Thoughtful planning is required to make sure that once your landscape is planted, it will survive for as long as you want it to. Will received an Associates Degree in Plant & Soil Sciences from University of Maine, Orono, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from the State University of New York’s College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry. He can help you find the right plants for your specific soil, light and water needs, ensuring that your dream doesn’t wither away any time soon.

Let your garden become a place of inspiration with flowers of all shapes, colors and scents that will be very attractive to you, wildlife and pollinators, alike. Whether your design calls for perennials, annuals, shrubs, or trees, Gossett Brothers offers a huge selection of high-quality plants that will bring your dreams to life.

Home Gardens or Commercial Properties

Wherever you plan to create your special green retreat, Will can help you in choosing a style that suits your taste. Whether you’ve always wanted a traditional English rose garden, the sleek lines of a Zen garden, a modern landscape for your office building, or the carefree and colorful spectacle of a flower-filled Cottage garden, we make the most of your property’s personality by incorporating its existing features with architectural elements and complementary plants. Will really enjoys being creative with landscapes, so ask him to give you a free consult on what you have in mind. If you happen to drop by our weekend Farmers Market, you’ll find him at his regular booth! He’s “the fish guy,”

We Do It Your Way!

You can choose to design your plan yourself and let Gossett Brothers handle the planting, or Will can guide you in designing your landscape and you can plant it yourself with our expert guidance to keep your garden growing. If you prefer to not DIY it, Will and Tom will work with you to design and install your landscaping project, backed by our full service guarantee for extra peace of mind. Whichever choice you make, we’ll transform your landscape to match your vision!


Come By Gossett Brothers Nursery or Call Will at (914) 763-3001 to Arrange a Free On-Site Planning Visit!