Beautiful Items for Indoors and Out!


Nothing adds as much personality to your home and garden than that certain special touch.

Gossett Brothers Nursery carries a wide selection of beautiful items to create the look and feel that will make your indoor and outdoor spaces your personal retreat from the daily grind.

Visit our quaint, cozy store with its antique wooden beams. We have taken great care to collect a wide variety of interesting, unique and beautiful items we’re sure you will love!

For your outdoor spaces, we carry a wide selection of pottery, fountains, bird baths and statuary. For your home, we offer artisan, handmade and antique accessories, that are sure to make you smile.

Gossett Brothers carries unique, handcrafted items

Metal artwork

Wicker baskets of all sizes

A diverse selection of decorative candles

Michel Design Works

Michel bath and body products, handmade and unique at Gosset Brothers Nursery, South Salem, NY
Bruce and Deborah Michel create home fragrances, bath and body indulgences and home decor that accentuate your spaces and provide a sense of well-being and harmony. Stop by and discover a collection of ultra-luxurious candles infused with perfume-grade scents, table linens in seasonal patterns and an irresistible selection of creams, perfumes and other delights.

Michel unique textiles, home fragrance and candles at Gosset Brothers Nursery, South Salem, NY

Spencer Peterman Wooden Bowls

Handcrafted found wood bowls and art Spencer Peterman at Gosset Brothers Nursery, South Salem, NY
Spencer Peterman is always on the lookout for fallen trees, abandoned and rotting in the woods. He gets excited about this kind of stuff. So do his customers. Hidden in those fallen trees – especially the ones covered by moss and dirt – he finds wood delightfully disfigured by the beginnings of decomposition. Turning that wood on a lathe produces strikingly unique bowls, perfect for your home.

Almost all the wood he gets is from local trees in Western Massachusetts. His finds include maple, cherry, black walnut and many other types of beautiful hardwood. Spencer’s approach to wood artistry is entirely “green”; he uses only wood from trees that have already fallen or been harvested by others. All of his bowls are protected with a food-safe finish, so you can use them for your family’s meals with complete confidence.

Terrafirma Ceramics

Terrafirma traditional American art pottery ceramics for a modern age at Gosset Brothers Nursery, South Salem, NY
Handcrafted functional American Art Pottery – Artist Ellen Evans’ idea was to create beautiful, artistic objects that can be used comfortably everyday. Using a unique, original process, she designs high quality, functional works of art for your table and home. Kiln-fired in vibrant colors and sophisticated patterns, each collectible, copyrighted design is signed and dated, and best of all, they are dishwasher safe for convenience! Let yourself be inspired by Ellen’s extraordinary art!

dZi Handmade Felt Birdhouses

dZi colorful handmade felt birdhouses for indoors and out at Gosset Brothers Nursery, South Salem, NY
Made of water resistant sheep’s wool, these gorgeous felted birdhouses are a colorful eye catcher in your backyard or anywhere inside your home. It’s not just birds that love them – children love them too! dZi birdhouses are handmade in Nepal with 100% fair-trade and sustainable-sourced materials. Each birdhouse comes with a bamboo perch and a hemp hanging cord. They attract beneficial small birds like wrens and chickadees, to keep your garden pest free!

Don’t Forget to Check Out Our Greenhouse!

Take a leisurely stroll inside our greenhouse and discover our selection of indoor foliage and tropical plants for your home. Gossett Brothers has an array of flowering houseplants, including Kalanchoe, African Violets and many others. If you would like to grow something more exotic, we carry Cacti and Succulents and traditional orchid specimens, like Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Cattleya orchids and more. We also have a selection of beautiful and unusual Miniature Orchids, so you can expand your collection!

Delightful Gifts for Every Occasion

Remember Gossett Brothers Nursery when you need that special gift for someone you love. You’re sure to find just the right bath product, art piece or live plant that is just as special and unique as they are to you!

vintage watering cans Gossett Brothers Nursery

Gossett Brothers Carries Artisan, Handmade, Gifts and Home Decor