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Gossett Brothers is Your One-Call Solution Provider.

Tom and his crew are experienced in demolition, excavation, restoration and a variety of other property-enhancement skills. When you are looking for a crew that provides efficient and knowledgeable overhauls to your residential or commercial properties, remember Gossett Brothers! Whether you would like to improve the functionality of your property, or want to give it a brand new look, we are at your side.

Bring It Down or Build It Up!

Sometimes you need to remove a structure to make your property more useful. We can accommodate all demolition projects and with our years of experience, state-of-the-art equipment and thorough clean-up practices, we ensure that the job is done right, so you will be completely satisfied.

When you are ready to build a new structure, we can help you there as well! Every structure needs a solid foundation and the Gossett Brothers’ crew has the knowledge to excavate, grade or level your property, so your new construction starts out with the very best structural integrity.

Building a Pond, Retaining Wall or Driveway?

Think of Gossett Brothers when you start planning a water feature, driveway or retaining wall to improve your property. Our skilled masons work with all types of stone, pavers and concrete to create beautiful and functional pieces to enhance the value of your home or business property.

From small projects like a courtyard pond with stepping stones to larger needs, such as reconfiguring your driveway to function better and blend with your environment, we can help you with every aspect of your project. You can rest assured that we take visual harmony, longevity and safety into consideration on all of our masonry jobs. Our work comes with our complete satisfaction guarantee. You will sleep well when you choose Gossett Brothers for these type of projects.

Stone and slate retaining wall and step stairs designed and installed by Gossett Brothers Nursery, South Salem, NY

Removal, Repair and Restoration — We Do It All!

Rain is a beautiful thing and it keeps your plants healthy and happy. However, sometimes Mother Nature gives you too much of a good thing and you find yourself with a flooded basement or severe structural damage. Let Gossett Brothers offer you a professional solution to your drainage needs, from gravel fills to grading out drainage paths to keep water damage from reoccurring.

If you are dealing with wetland space on your property, we can help you co-exist with the challenges they bring to maintaining the structures and usefulness of your property in accordance with environmental regulations.

If you have a problem with your septic system, we can help with that as well. Whether your job requires a leak repair or installing a new system, we’ll handle the clean-up and plumbing to get your system working quickly and ensure that it remains in proper working order for a long time to come.

Gossett Brothers also provides oil tank removal and we handle all of the required filings and environmental testing, so you don’t have to.

Clean-up and Removal Services

If you’d simply like a hand with cleaning up your property, we have a full-time crew that are happy to remove debris and dirt, provide landfill for areas you’d like to re-purpose and other common property clean-up solutions. All of our work is done to your satisfaction and comes with our satisfaction guarantee. We never leave your project unfinished; we know that you put your trust in Gossett Brothers to do the job right the first time. That’s why we’ve remained Westchester County’s first choice for all types of property services for more than 30 years.

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