Gossett’s Farmers Market is Open Year-Round!


Every Saturday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM


Creating a Local Tradition – Gossett’s Farmers Market

Tom Gossett, owner of Gossett Brothers Nursery, was looking for ideas to enhance the nursery’s role in the community during the long winter months when the nursery would normally have been closed. So he approached the owner of New England Farms, Pat Imbimbo, who managed a small farmers market that was looking for a location that could host local bakers, beekeepers and all of his existing food producers and artists, year round. Tom and Pat came together in the fall of 2008; Tom providing the perfect all-season location with indoor access during periods of snow and rain and Pat bringing in his talented people. That’s how Gossett’s Farmers Market was born!

From Nature to You   Every Month of the Year

Gossett’s Farmers Market is open all year round with vendors bringing in the freshest produce and very best food items of the season every weekend.

In the Spring, Summer and early Fall you’ll find the market stands outside, so you can enjoy shopping for specialty foods, handmade arts and crafts and other delights, surrounded by the lush, colorful plant offerings from Gossett Brothers Nursery.

In late Fall and Winter, the Farmers Market moves into the Gossett’s greenhouse, where you will stay warm and dry. The greenhouse is kept cozy by our wood burning stove and the winter sun. The tempting aroma of pies, homemade breads and hot cider fill the market, making it a haven from the cold weather outside.

Shopping Local Helps Everyone!

At Gossett’s Farmers Market, you’ll find fresh, organic produce, free-range eggs, artisan baked goods and the freshest meat and fish from our vendors.

Fresh churned butter available from Gossett's Farmers Market at Gossett Brothers Nursery, South Salem, NY

But our Farmers Market is more than just a place to buy food – we feature many local craftsmen and creators who love to share their passion in whatever art, craft or discipline they specialize in.

Freshly Prepared Food

Come in for lunch or pick up something to take home for dinner thanks to Gossett’s “Taste the Market.” We have a variety of tempting treats for you enjoy while you fill your basket with fruit, vegetables and other items to make your weekly cooking a breeze.

Nut and fruit muffins fresh baked and ready at Gossett Farmers Market Gossett Brothers Nursery, South Salem, NY

Donate to Help Northern Westchester Communities

Donate to the community center of Northern Westchester at Gossett's Framers Market stand Gossett Brothers Nursery, South Salem, NY

The Community Center of Northern Westchester depends on donations of food to help stock our Food Pantry. Their Food Pantry provides monthly supplemental food for more than 2,000 families in more than 38 Northern Westchester communities. There is a table set up in the Farmers Market where you can donate non-perishable food items for those in need, which will be delivered to the Katonah offices each week.

The Only Local Year-Round Farmers Market

Gossett’s Farmers Market is a weekly tradition in our community. Come visit us, every Saturday from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM, rain or shine.

Who’s Selling This Week?

We post a list of who will attend our Farmers Market on our Facebook page each week. Follow us for the latest news!
Bear Hill Botanicals
Bee Guy
Deep Roots Farm
Do Re Me Farms
Fish Guy
Grand Strand Co.
Honore’s Table
Johnnycake Mountain Farm
Millport Dairy Cheese
Powell Ranch
South Salem Gourmet
Wave Hill Bread
West Lane Inn Granola… and more!

Local honey and beeswax candles and other goodies from the “Bee Guy Apiaries”

Fresh packed honey and bees wax goods from Bee Guy Apiary at Gosset's Farmers Market  Gossett Brothers Nursery, South Salem, NY

Try delicious wild flower honey from local beehives. “Bee Guy” (yes, that’s his name!) never uses any pesticides or antibiotics with his hives or his bees’ natural habitat. Minimally heated, without any additives, this rich, golden honey is full of healthy nutrients. Enjoy its smooth, mellow and harmonious taste.


Gossett Brothers Farmers Market… Where the Community Meets!